Pennsylvania State USBC Hall of Fame

2019 Inductees

John Chacko Jr - Bowling Ability - Larksville, PA

John Chacko Jr. enters the Pennsylvania State USBC Hall of Fame for his outstanding achievements in bowling.

John has one hundred nine sanctioned 300 games and one hundred sixteen 800 series. His highest league average is 245. He has been active in organized bowling for over 55 years. He led the nation for the most ABC/USBC sanctioned 800's and 299's for 20 years, and has had one 300 and one 800 for 40 consecutive years. He was the first sanctioned ABC/WIBC bowler to have one hundred 800 series. He has bowled back to back 300 games four times.

He has bowled in over 35 PSBA Tournaments, and 16 ABC/USBC National Tournaments. John was a member of the 1981 team that won the PSBA Championship Scratch and Handicap title. He also rolled one of his 300 games in the PSBA Tournament.

John has twenty-one Association championships to his credit, plus is a 2 time Philadelphia Open Champion and won the Vestal Open twice. He is a 35 year member of the PBA and has cashed in many other regional and national tournaments.

John is also a member of the Wyoming Valley USBC Hall of Fame. He also served on the Wyoming Valley Association Board of Directors and the Wyoming Valley Youth Board.

It is with pleasure that we induct John Chacko Jr. into the Pennsylvania State USBC Bowling Hall of Fame.

Charles A Dushole - Meritorious Service - Erie, PA

Charles A. Dushole enters the Pennsylvania State USBC Hall of Fame for his meritorious service to the game of bowling.

Chuck served the Erie Bowling Association for over 30 years. He was a Director and held the office of Vice President and 2 terms as Association President. He also served as Association Secretary for 10 years. For more than 13 years Chuck was the Erie District Tournament Director. For over 40 years he was a bowling instructor, helping bowlers of all ages.

On the state level, Chuck served as a PSBA Western Area Director. He served on the PSBA Tournament Procedures Committee, the PSBA Mixed Tournament Committee, the PSBA Senior Tournament Committee, and Scratch Masters Committee. Chuck also served on numerous other PSBA Committees, including the Legislation Committee, and the Budget and Finance Committee. He also served on the ABC Ballot Committee at the National Convention.

On the lanes Chuck is a better than average bowler having bowled over two hundred 700 Series, and he has bowled eight 300 games. He has a high average of 227, and has averaged over 200 continuously for over 30 years. During that time, he has won many tournaments and cashed at Nationals, the Hoinke and the Lilac tournaments to name a few. He has bowled in 30 PSBA Championship Tournaments and 15 PSBA Senior Tournaments. Chuck was inducted into the Erie District Hall of Fame in 1997.

It is a great pleasure to induct Charles A. Dushole into the Pennsylvania State USBC Bowling Hall of Fame.

Rick Graham - Bowling Ability - Lancaster, PA

Rick Graham enters the Pennsylvania State USBC Hall of Fame for his outstanding bowling ability.

Rick has been involved in organized bowling for over 43 years. He has bowled in twenty-one PA State Championship Tournaments and thirty-one ABC/USBC Tournaments. He has one hundred thirty-five 300 games and sixty 800 series to his credit. His highest league average is 244 and his highest series is 841.

In the Lancaster County USBC Association Rick holds thirteen titles. He was awarded the Lancaster County Award of Merit three times, and was the Lancaster Association High Average leader six times. He is a Hall of Fame member of the Lancaster County USBC, class of 2002.

One of his 300 games was bowled at the 2011 USBC National Tournament in Reno, NV. He finished 4th in the Singles event at the 1993 ABC Tournament in Tulsa, OK. Rick's 30-year average at the National Tournament is 206.

Rick has four PSBA Mixed Championship titles. He and son Ryan both bowled a 800 series in the 2018 PSBA Championship Tournament while bowling on the same team. He is a three-time State Team USA Champion, has three PBA Regional titles and six PBA Regional 2nd place finishes. Rick has many other tournament titles and accomplishments, and just recently he was named the East Region PBA50 Player of the Year for 2018.

It is a pleasure to induct Rick Graham into the Pennsylvania State USBC Hall of Fame.