youth tournament dress code

for all state youth tournaments

Dress Code applies to All District and State Level Youth Competitions

All clothing may not have holes or tears. All clothing shall cover all undergarments appropriately, no midriffs, low cut or revealing clothing is allowed. All t-shirts, collared shirts must have sleeves. Full length pants, capris, skirts, skorts and shorts are permissible. All skirts, skorts, or shorts must be no more than three inches above the knee. Tournament management will have the final say in determining if a competitor’s clothing is acceptable for the tournament or not.

No electronic devices may be worn during competition.

Penalty:  First offense will result in a verbal warning and apparel change or removal of equipment.  Failure to comply will cause the bowler’s scores to be disqualified and the bowler to be removed from the competition.


Revised: 08/01/2019