Apply for the Association Managers Position

This is a paid position and the Manager is hired by the Board Of Directors. The newly elected board will make this selection and the compensation level will also be determined by the newly elected board. Please refer to the job description for this position for futher details on what is desired from the individual applying for this position.

Throughout employment the individual must be registered with the Registered Volunteer Program. For information on the Registered Volunteer Program, please visit: BOWL.COM/RVP

Association Managers Job Description

How to Apply

Please complete the following application form and send to the person and address listed on the form. The nominating committee is composed of three additional people that are not part of the transition team. The Nominating Committee will then make a recommendation to the newly elected board on who they feel is beast qualified for the role of Association Manager. 

Association Manager Application (PDF)          Association Manager  Application (Word)
Association Manager Application (Fill In - PDF)