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BVL Mail-O-Graphic Tournament

A fundraising event for our veterans. 

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BVL grants provide arts and crafts programs, music and sports activities, reading materials, board games and much more to help boost spirits, speed recuperation, and improve morale

BVL supports veterans recuperating in VA Medical Centers, Vet Centers and State Veterans Homes

Along with the VA, BVL operates one of the longest running mail-in bowling tournaments for veterans – now in its 72nd year

The BVL helps sponsor six national veterans’ recreational events – the Winter Sports Clinic, the Golden Age Games, the Wheelchair Games, The Summer Sports Clinic, the Training/Exposure/Experience Tournament and the Creative Arts Festival

BVL sponsors the tours of the entertainment troupe “Re-Creation” which performs at VA Hospitals and State Veterans Homes around the country

BVL supports an on-line tribute campaign to those who have served our country through “Operation: Honor Force”

BVL responds to veterans in need – recuperating veterans, veterans suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and aging veterans – giving them an outlet for the joy, freedom, and friendship that recreation and sport can bring